3-Reel Slots: Alien Invasion

There are many different Slots games. Slots are classified under a whole bunch of aspects. For players who do not want complications, the traditional, 3-reel Slots game is the choicest alternative.3-reel Slots like Alien Invasion mostly feature only three reels and a single payline. The reels are where the symbols appear. The payline, on the other hand, is the particular line that is rewarded with a payout. To win at such games, you need to hit the winning combinations on the payline.

Alien Invasion is called such for its Alien-oriented theme. The background is set in outer space with lots of characters that are connected to the concept. On top of the screen, you will find the pay table where winning combinations and their corresponding payouts are revealed. Alien Invasion has seven winning combinations. The winning combinations are of course, characterized by alien things – space crafts, planets, and laser guns among others.

Alien Invasion also has a wild symbol. The laser gun is considered a wild, which when it appears, can be substituted for any other symbol on the board to complete a paying combination. Not only that, two laser gun symbols could mean a multiplied payout of the particular combination that they have completed.

Aside from the wild symbol, Alien Invasion also has a Stop Spin feature. This feature can be used to manually stop the reels from spinning. It is like putting your fate in your own hands. Slots players who like putting their random fate to the test often choose to hit the Stop Spin feature rather than waiting for the reels to actually cease.

If you think that is the entire treat Alien Invasion has, you are wrong. This hip sci-fi Slots game has more up its sleeves. It is particularly endearing when you hit a winning combination. That is because hitting a payout will make the software give you some audio-visual treat of sorts. An Alien head flashes at the side of the screen with a gun target accompanied by icky Alien sound.

Alien Invasion is truly a classic game. If you are a lover of Slots and you are more into sci-fi, you can choose this game from a bundle of others. Choosing Alien Invasion will give you the visual experience of being at the outer space without having to really transport into it. So, what are you waiting for? Look out for online sites that offer Alien Invasion and start playing now!